Kinder 5

Our little kids of K5 in different activities

Kinder 4

Our little kids of K4 in different activities

Kinder 3

Our little kids of K3 in different activities

Graduation Day

We are happy for the growth of our Kids


Our family Aquí Entre Niños Kindergarten

Christmas Breakfast

Sharing with our children

Stop and Read

Reading and learning with the family



Space PJ's

Learning about the universe


Our Assembly

Cultural week

Art, painting, dance and technology

Grupo Batuta y los instrumentos de cuerda

Music and culture

International coffee day assembly - k3

Coffee with love

Golden Notes and Dance Festival

Everyone to dance

Spelling Bee

Spelling and talking

Salida Pedagógica

Animals and nature

Semana de la ciencia

26 de abril del 2018 un día de aprendizaje y mucha diversión

Family Day

The life and work of Mozart

Equipo de trabajo Aquí Entre Niños Kindergarten

Celebrando con el mejor y mas divertido equipo de trabajo